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Article: Happy New Year from the Roses team

summer blooms

Happy New Year from the Roses team

 With the slow start to summer in 2015, many of the summer flowers were slow to appear on our auction floor. But with this warm weather we are experiencing now, we are in full swing! The Hydrangeas in all their beautiful hues, Dahlias, oh the Dahlias are to die for and the Tuberose are having a great season and with their heady scent, it only takes a couple of stems to make your home smell devine!

If picking Hydrangeas from your garden to pop in a vase, it is best to pick them early in the morning or late in the evening for longevity. If they are starting to wilt with the heat, just re-cut the stems on an angle and place the ends in boiling water for a minute. This helps move the air trapped in the stem, and allows the water to flow up the stem.

And lets not forget Valentines day is just around the corner! We will have loads of gorgeous flowers ready to be sent to the loved & Admired! Roses Florist will be delivering on Sunday 14th February, but if you would like your flowers to arrive at your Valentines workplace, why not send on Friday 12th February.