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Plants and Pots

We have a wide range of premium indoor plants to suit any need.
Pair your plant with a gorgeous pot or take it as is!
At Roses Florist, we stock Monstera, Swiss cheese, Calissia Bubbles, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Pothos etc.


White Phalaeonopsis Plant
White Phalaeonopsis Plant Sale priceFrom $120.00
Phalaenopsis Orchid - GrandifloraPhalaenopsis Orchid - Grandiflora
Phalaenopsis Orchid - Grandiflora Sale priceFrom $100.00
Sold outZygopetalum OrchidZygopetalum Orchid
Zygopetalum Orchid Sale price$80.00
Kokedama - Blue StarKokedama - Blue Star
Kokedama - Blue Star Sale price$90.00
Large Monstera Deliciosa
Large Monstera Deliciosa Sale price$165.00
Sold outCattleya OrchidCattleya Orchid
Cattleya Orchid Sale price$80.00
Satin PothosSatin Pothos
Satin Pothos Sale price$45.00
Monkey Mask on Coir PollMonkey Mask on Coir Poll
Monkey Mask on Coir Poll Sale price$140.00
Mini Phale Orchid Plant
Mini Phale Orchid Plant Sale price$55.00
String Of TurtlesString Of Turtles
String Of Turtles Sale price$50.00
Phlebodium Aureum - Blue Star
Monstera - Thai ConstellationMonstera - Thai Constellation
Sold outBegonia MasonianaBegonia Masoniana
Begonia Masoniana Sale price$45.00