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Tilley Soaps

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Made in Australia, the perfect wee addition to any bouquet! 

Persian Fig- This unique , sweet scent, has just a hint of bitterness suggesting succulent figs scorched by the hot Persian sun

Pomegranate- The sweet and juicy aroma of this middle-eastern fruit evokes an enigmatic sensuality that will fill your room

Pineapple Crush- The heavenly pineapple scent thats refreshing and uplifting just like the sweet, juicy, tropical fruit

Lemon Myrtle- This native Australian classic has a fresh, clean, uplifting fragrance which the ultimate lemony aroma

Cherry Blossom- A delicate sweet floral fragrance with a lightly tangy note of juicy cherries that is full of far-eastern promise 

Tilley Soaps:
Tilley Soaps
Tilley Soaps Sale price$7.00