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Article: Gearing up for Valentines Day 2017

Gearing up for Valentines Day 2017

Gearing up for Valentines Day 2017

I'm sitting at a breakfast table on holiday overlooking Sandy bay beach, with the waves rolling in, taking a break before the year runs away again!

Preparations began last year for the big day - that is Valentines Day!

Red Roses & other blooms are ordered, website and online ordering is ready, extra staff are ready and rearing to go!

We will have loads of beautiful flowers in store, in fact it really is a sight to see on these big volume days as we will be chocca!

Preparations start months in advance and for the Roses team it is an exhausting week leading up to Valentines day. It's the hardest big event of the year for florists, as it is predominantly a male purchasing day and the majority like to leave it until the last minute to place their orders!

The week leading up to February 14th, we are madly prepping to make the few days around Valentines run as smoothly as it can. It's pretty hard yacka and we are working late through the night to get everything ready for our couriers to collect and deliver.

This year we start with a flower auction on the Sunday before Valentines and then another one on the Monday at 6am. Although I have been buying at the flower auction for many years, I still don't sleep that well the night before these big auction days. The pressure is on to get the best and most beautiful blooms and the right quantity! The prices are always elevated and that is just the nature of an auction, with supply and demand!  My emotions usually swing from feeling like I haven't purchased enough flowers to "holly crap have I purchased too many?!" It usually works out fine, but it is all just part of the process.

All pre-ordered flowers are put aside first, so ordering early is best to avoid disappointment.

Take a look at our Valentines dedicated page on our website, or forward this email onto your nearest and dearest!