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Article: Yup! Valentines 2018 is fast approaching!

Yup! Valentines 2018 is fast approaching!

Yup! Valentines 2018 is fast approaching!

Yup, it's that time again, to have some fun and make someone's day!


As always we have been planning for our biggest day for quite some time. We are as prepared as we can be, and well maybe just a little nervous of how big a week it will be! It really is an endurance week for florists!

Everyone was loved up last year and was definitely one of our biggest ever Valentines. 

 The flower auction kicks off at 5.30am, but we will be there much earlier trolling the flower trollies for those special treaty bits that give us our unique look! When those special blooms are sold on the auction my heart races! Even after doing this for many years!

Our flowers are sold via a Dutch Auction system. We have two clocks (auctions) running simultaneously, with the price starting high and flickering down until someone presses the button to stop it at the price they are prepared to pay and the quantity they would like of that particular flower. This requires concentration, as sometimes there are blooms on both auction clocks that are being sold that you would like, and with me, my right hand is always quicker at pushing the button than my left! The flowers can be sold in bucket lots, by the bundle or by the stem. Multiple buyers can buy at once, so there is usually no second chance. This is the reason flower prices can fluctuate from market to market and of course the nature of these big volume days such as Valentines day means flower prices are usually slightly elevated - I'm sure you all know how supply and demand can affect prices!

 Enough of what goes on in the background!

We will have the most glorious flowers in store, our shop will be overflowing with loveliness. We will be fuelled up and ready to create some real beauties! 

All pre-ordered flowers are put aside first, so ordering early is best to avoid disappointment. Because of the volume of flowers being sent on our couriers, there will be no strict time deliveries.

Please take a look at our Valentines dedicated page on our website, or forward this email onto your nearest and dearest!